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Twelve are the chimes struck by the clock on the ancient tower that dominates the estate.

Twelve are the months of the year in which we are engaged every day in the meticulous care of the vineyards,

respecting the land and the environment that hosts us.

Twelve, in Friulian "dodis", is the name we wanted to give these wines,

an expression of their mother earth and of the many hours of hard work carried out with passion for generations.

A great wine is born in the vineyard and this is where our journey begins.

Step by step, we go down into the vineyard accompanied by the long family tradition,

by know-how, by listening to the needs of the vine.

Season after season, we follow all the phenological phases with love,

right up to the winter rest.

And, when the vineyard sleeps, our work continues in the cellar

to transform the grapes into wines that best express their terroir.  

We wisely interpret the different characteristics of the grape varieties,

given by the different positioning of the vineyards.

From the alluvial soils close to the first hills, to the 'ponca' of the terraces at altitude,

each grape variety releases its own particular aromas and reveals its own unique character.

Knowing how to read and maintain the natural characteristics of the grapes,

all vinified in purity, is an important achievement for us.  

From our past we gather experience and wisdom.

From the present we take advantage of modern processing techniques,

such as the careful, temperature-controlled vinification in steel tanks,

for better preservation of the natural typicality of the individual grapes.

From steel vats to the bottle.

From the bottle to the goblet, where our journey continues,

where every sip speaks of us, our passion and our beloved land,

Friuli Venezia Giulia.