Dodis Wines
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Our Territory

A land that speaks of itself through its wines: from its Eocene origins to the present day,

gliding through countless layers of marl and sandstone, flanked by alluvial plains,

that characterise the terroir.

We are in the eastern part of the province of Udine, along the border with Slovenia,

which finds its oenological and cultural capital in Cividale del Friuli,

a medieval town elected a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



This is an area that seems to have been created specifically to cultivate vines:

protected from the cold northern currents by the Julian Alps and open

to the mild sea breezes of the Adriatic Sea to the south, with a marked

temperature range between day and night that favours the development

of aromatic notes in the grapes; and then the perfect exposure to the sun

of the vineyards, skilfully modelled, that favours the wellbeing of the vines.

All this becomes wine: a wine that tells of its land, its history and its people.